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What Zoya Can Provide

Leverage our comprehensive & precise shariah compliance data to empower your business.

Robust Shariah Compliance Data

Coverage of 40,000+ stocks and funds globally. Coverage of several major shariah rulebooks/methodologies. Fully customizable rulebook based on your firm’s shariah parameters.

Customized Islamic Indices

Whether you're looking to launch a new investment product or enhance existing offerings, our tools and expert guidance can tailor an index to your unique specifications.

Zakat & Purification

Streamline your zakat calculations and purification process. Our tools assist in ensuring compliance with Islamic financial obligations, enhancing the transparency and integrity of your investable products.

Developer Tools

An API with multiple endpoints, a robust SDK, and complete documentation to provide developers with the necessary tools and resources to integrate their applications more efficiently.

Commercial License

Integrate Zoya's data into your platform and showcase it with a "Powered by Zoya" indicator, demonstrating your commitment to providing accurate and reliable information to your users.

Premium Support

Our team provides exceptional customer service and support to ensure a seamless and successful integration process for your business. We are committed to our customers' success.

Trusted by Experts globally

"Zoya has provided practical and efficient solutions, helping us to increase financial awareness of Islamic financial markets."

Abdulrahman W. Binsalama

KFH Capital

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