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Zoya makes halal investing easy by helping you build & monitor a shariah compliant investment portfolio.

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Zoya is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform.

Portfolio Tracker

Connect and sync your existing brokerage accounts to track your portfolio and monitor your holdings.

Buy & Sell Stocks

Trade stocks using your existing broker without ever having to leave Zoya.

Reliable Shariah Compliance Reports

Access detailed and up-to-date shariah compliance reports for over 30,000 global stocks.

ETF & Mutual Fund Screener

View and filter the underlying holdings of thousands of ETFs and mutual funds based on their shariah compliance status.

Smart Alerts

We'll monitor your stocks and alert you of any changes in shariah compliance.

Calculate & Donate Zakat

Calculate zakat due on your investments with precision and donate to your favorite charities.

Private & Secure

Zoya adheres to industry-leading practices for data security, compliance, and privacy.


Your assets stay at your institutions, and are always owned and controlled by you.

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We've received countless unsolicited messages from customers with stories of how Zoya has helped them.

Love using this app, very user friendly and easy to navigate - would 100% recommend to all Muslims looking to invest responsibly and according to the deen.


iOS App Store

As a socially conscious investor seeking to align my financial endeavors with my ethical values, I have been on the lookout for a mobile app that seamlessly combines convenience with religious principles. My search ended when I discovered Zoya, the ultimate solution for those who prioritize Shariah-compliant investing.

Qaisar Majeed

iOS App Store

Alhamdullilah, my sheikh told me about this app, and I was quite hesitant to invest my money into the market, not only cause it was volatile, but because I was afraid I would be earning haram. This app has eliminated that fear, especially as a new “investor”.


iOS App Store

Zoya has been very helpful for me from the standpoint of verification of Shariah compliant stocks. I truly appreciate the efforts of the team for doing all the necessary verification and educating us of all the Shariah Compliant stocks that we can invest in. I was able to get rid of all non-shariah compliant stocks and Alhamdulillah my portfolio is now all Shariah compliant stocks.

Bubba Senior

iOS App Store

Zoya is so helpful even if you are completely lost when it comes to halal investing. The app may look intimidating when you first open it but they will answer your personal questions and make sure to help you get on the right track.


iOS App Store

This app is useful! This app makes halal investing accessible! Before Zoya I I was lost and wondering how I can get access to halal stocks! Thank you Zoya!


iOS App Store

Very useful app for those who are looking for halal stock investing options. I was very glad to see that they added ETF and mutual fund screening as well.

Omar Tuffaha

iOS App Store

For the first time, I can access halal stocks and monitor their compliance with ease. Some key features I love about this app are the email updates that I receive to notify me that one of my watchlist stocks have become non-compliant.


iOS App Store

Amazing app with excellent customer service. Always willing to answer questions and open to feedback. A much needed service has been filled with this app.

Mohammed K. Beyad

Google Play Store

Zoya is the only app I know of to check sharia compliance of stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s. They also have an active community where you can ask/answer investment related questions.


iOS App Store

This app is absolutely brilliant, easy to navigate, great layout, and very useful features. It’s really easy to understand for each different stock what does into the compliant/non-complaint. I also especially love the ‘compliant’ alternative option.

Muhammad Effendi

iOS App Store

It's really nice that the app tells you exactly how each rating was decided since sometimes there's a lot of ambiguity at play. Saad, the developer is also very responsive whenever there are issues. Only good experiences so far.

Match stick lover

iOS App Store

Easy to use and details are so helpful when we are investing. Most importantly it’s unique to give us information on shariah complaint investing options.

Dividend Investor

iOS App Store

I have a great experience with the zoya app. It is a perfect app for identifying halal stocks and etfs. It saved me a lot of researching internet. Great that they reviewed most of the USA stocks. Bonus is you can bring your portfolios to the app to see the shariah compliance. I also like the Zakat calculator for your portfolio.

Abdulla Masud

iOS App Store

I trust Zoya to guide my halal investments. The app's ease of use and up-to-date insights make it an essential tool for ensuring my investments align with Islamic principles. It's a game-changer for ethical investing on the go.


iOS App Store

Great and handy app for investors keen on Islamic investment. Linked to my broker seamlessly as well. One of a kind!

Ahmed D.

iOS App Store

Provides valuable information for Muslim investors or even for those interested in ethical investing. Easy to use and highly recommended!

Maher H.

iOS App Store

Incredible how easy it is to look up a stocks permissibility. Used to take me hours to do all the analysis. Now it’s seconds!


iOS App Store

The app takes care of an important need in the society, even the free version is amazing I have used it for years and love its interface functionality and use.


iOS App Store

You can check most stock's Halal/Haram/Questionable status easily for free. Loved their service! They deserve more than a 5 star.

Muhammad Sayeed

Google Play Store

If you are a Muslim and want to know which stocks and shares to invest in, is they are halal or not, then this app is for you! A must for all wanting ethical investing. UI is great and easy to use.

abeer humair

Google Play Store

Great app to check out stocks are halal to invest in, with certified 'Ulema managing it.

Usman Mohammed

Google Play Store

Excellent app that shows the compliant stocks, the noncompliant, and the questionable stocks. It is really easy to use and provide up-to-date information. Also, the support is excellent and provides adequate information.

Abdullatif Abdalla

Google Play Store

Very good app. Easy to use interface. Shows detailed reports about which investments are shariah compliant based on a multitude of factors.

Fahad Farooq

Google Play Store

Best part is you can sync your Robinhood portfolio and then the app will say the shari'a compliance status, which allowed me to get rid of non complaint stocks. The second best part is it shows alternative sharia compliant stocks. It's the best app with one of the only kind.

Hamza Mirza

Google Play Store

Best one-stop resource to validate shariah compliance. I have been using Zoya for quite a while and happy to have seen how much it has improved. I just ask that they keep it up and integrate with more markets and add more features.


Google Play Store

Alhumdullilah since I started traded only shariah compliant stocks using Zoya, my portfolio is more stable & profits are better. It truly makes the process of finding our stocks easier! Great job!


iOS App Store

The app is extremely useful when it comes to checking halal investing options. I also love their Twitter spaces discussions forums etc and their staff is super helpful and approachable.

Hebatollah Ashraf

Google Play Store

Excellent app, and I don't believe there is another one like it. Game changer for sharia compliant investing. The interface is slick, and the notifications of assets going out of compliance are very helpful. And they're always working on new features and provide a nice community online. Good stuff!

Ahmed Gadelmawla

Google Play Store

Wonderful app, I can't thank the developers enough for innovative thinking and amazing features.

Ahmed Alnajar

Google Play Store

Really Responsive customer support. After I bought the trail, I really like the cost break down to show you why is is sharihah compliant or not. I wish if there was a page specified for only Sharihah complaint stocks. Anyway, i really love it as it makes it so much easier for me instead of me going and having an hour long research on the company.

Hamza Moazam

Google Play Store

The app is super informative and they have really improved it during their Beta release. I am looking forward to continue to use this app to pick our stocks for trading in my personal portfolio. The best part is that you can put stocks in your favorites so you can view performance and review their compliance with Shariah guidelines. Well actually the absolute best part is the Sharia Compliance reports and quick overview. I dont know of any other app that currently does that.

Mohammad Alam

Google Play Store

Great app, what's impressive is that you can look at exactly why a certain company passed or failed. You can have your personal parameters and decide for yourself if its okay for you to invest in or not. Recommend the subscription.


Google Play Store

Alhamdulilah, so far this has been a very good (and important) app. The team responded back swiftly to my message and I hope Inshallah they keep it up and improving.

Abdullah Baqir

Google Play Store

Really well designed. I see a lot of potential in this app. I look forward to them adding more UK stocks in the future inshallah.

Hussain Nadeem

Google Play Store

This app is absolutely amazing, exactly what I needed. I recommend it to everyone.

Yusuf R

Google Play Store


You've got questions. We've got answers.

What is shariah compliance?

Shariah compliance refers to the adherence to Islamic law or shariah principles, particularly in finance and investment. It ensures investments align with Islamic ethical standards, excluding businesses involved in forbidden (haram) activities like alcohol, gambling, or conventional financial services, and not excessively burdened with debt. Given that many companies may have some level of involvement in haram activities, shariah compliance frameworks serve as a guideline to help Muslims navigate the financial markets. It aims to ensure a company's core business is permissible (halal) and any haram involvement is minimal.

How do you determine shariah compliance?

To identify shariah compliant stocks, Zoya applies the AAOIFI screening methodology under the guidance of our shariah advisors. AAOIFI is an international nonprofit organization based in Bahrain that develops uniform standards and training for the Islamic finance industry. You can read about this process in more detail here.

How often are the shariah compliance reports updated?

Our overall dataset is refreshed daily to account for changes in the market, such as new listings, delistings, splits, etc. However, shariah compliance reports are updated in line with each company's financial reporting schedule. For US-based companies, which typically report to the SEC on a quarterly basis, compliance reports are refreshed at least once every quarter. For non-US companies that may report semi-annually or annually, compliance updates coincide with these reporting periods. If a company undergoes a significant event or change in its business model in between reporting periods, we'll do our best to review and update the company's status as necessary to reflect the most current and accurate information.

What are "Questionable" stocks?

Stocks are rated "questionable" for one of two reasons:

  1. The company operates in an industry that falls into a gray area, prompting differing opinions among scholars on its permissibility. Some examples include advertising platforms that allow customers to promote impermissible products or services, supermarkets that sell pork or alcohol, and gaming companies with objectionable content.
  2. There is insufficient public information disclosed by the company to make a confident determination on whether it complies with shariah principles. More transparency is needed to remove ambiguity.

In both cases, we recommend users to exercise caution and do their own research before investing.

What are the benefits of using Zoya?

Zoya offers several key benefits for Muslim investors looking to build shariah-compliant portfolios:

  1. Easily screen stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds for shariah compliance. Zoya provides detailed shariah compliance reports on thousands of securities to remove the guesswork.
  2. Sync your brokerage accounts to automatically track holdings and get notified if any assets fall out of compliance. This saves tons of manual effort.
  3. Seamlessly execute trades within Zoya using your linked broker account. You can invest in halal stocks without having to leave the app.
  4. Calculate and pay zakat directly on your investments.
  5. Access a supportive community of like-minded investors and educational resources tailored for Islamic finance.
  6. Enjoy an intuitive, user-friendly app that makes halal investing accessible for anyone.

Which markets does Zoya cover?

We supports a broad range of markets globally, including major exchanges in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, and OTC markets. Coverage includes stocks in all these markets, and for the US, it also includes ETFs and mutual funds. You can view a more detailed list here.

Can I invest using Zoya?

Yes, you can link your existing brokerage account to Zoya and execute trades within our app. However, keep in mind that Zoya is a non-custodial platform. This means we don't handle or store your assets directly. When you choose to invest, we simply pass your order to your broker in a secure manner. You can view the list of supported brokers here.

Does Zoya provide investment advice?

No, Zoya does not offer personalized investment recommendations or advice. We are solely a technology platform that provides information and tools to help investors make their own decisions aligned with Islamic principles. Our shariah compliance ratings should not be construed as encouragement to buy or sell any particular security. Users must evaluate investments based on their own research, risk tolerance, and circumstances.

What if I have more questions?